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Bromsgrove District Plan Adopted

The Bromsgrove District Plan (2011 – 2020) was adopted on 25th January 2017 after the Council modified policies and proposals in line with the Examination Inspector’s recommendations. The Examination process has taken nearly 3 years to complete due to a number of concerns being raised, including in respect of how the Council identified and would meet the objectively assessed housing need for the District.

A full Green Belt Review will be undertaken following the adoption of the Bromsgrove District Plan to seek to identify land to accommodate the outstanding 2,300 homes needed and additional sites will be allocated in a Local Plan Review. It is anticipated that the Green Belt Review will be completed by 2023 at the latest.

The Bromsgrove District Plan and associated documents is now subject to a six week period during which any legal challenges to the adoption of the Plan can be made

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