• TP Editorial Team

Extension to Solihull’s Local Plan Review Consultation

The current consultation on Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council’s Draft Local Plan Review, which was originally set to run for a period of 8 weeks from 5th December 2016 until 30th January 2017, has been extended to the 17th February 2017.

The Draft Local Plan Review will support the Council’s vision for the future of the Borough by creating new jobs and homes in a planned and sustainable manner, while retaining the essential character of the area. The Review proposes sites for development in the District, including a number that were successfully promoted by the Tyler Parkes Partnership.

Following on from the consultation, the Council’s Economic Development and Managed Growth Scrutiny Board will discuss the outcomes of the public consultation in March 2017 and consider proposed next steps leading to submission version of Solihull Local Plan Review.

If you have any land that you would be interested in promoting in Solihull, we would be pleased to hear from you on 0121 744 5511

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