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Success for New Bungalows in Hockley Heath

Tyler Parkes is delighted to have obtained planning permission for the erection of a new pair of semi-detached bungalows on a former builder’s yard in Hockley Heath in the Green Belt.

The proposal was considered to be in accordance with the Solihull Local Plan, situated in a sustainable location, well connected by frequent bus services to Stratford-upon-Avon, Solihull and Birmingham. Other facilities include a nearby primary school and dentist within just 500m walking distance.

We argued that the proposal would contribute to the character and quality of its environment by removing a non-conforming use and visually unattractive buildings from a primarily residential area. It was concluded that the removal of an unfettered commercial use from the site would significantly improve residential amenity, whilst making the best use of urban land and buildings.

The proposal was subject to a pre-application submission to the Council including a meeting on site where the planners raised some concerns. However, we were able to address these and planning permission was granted accordingly.


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