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  • Seb Kouyoumjian

14 Apartments Approved on Site of Former Hall

We are delighted to have designed and secured planning permission for a 14-apartment development on Gaydon Road in Solihull. The site, currently a single-storey dilapidated Parish Hall and its large car park, overlooks Elmdon Nature Park and is near 2- and 3-storey residences. Our approved 3-storey designs make the most of the site, making the most of the site while ensuring the new apartments are spacious, and have excellent daylighting and open views of the nearby greenery.

Whilst the application was recommended for approval by Council officers, some neighbours objected to the scheme. This was despite the fact that we had improved on the minimum separation distances required by the Council between new and existing development. The objections meant the application was heard at Solihull’s Planning Committee. Our Planning Director Gail Collins spoke in support of the proposal, reminding committee members that the dilapidated site was an eye-sore and our scheme would provide much-needed housing in a sustainable location.

The Planning Committee agreed, and the application was resolved to be approved, subject to a legal agreement to secure (amongst other matters), an off-site affordable housing contribution and improvements to the adjacent park.


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