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‘Backland’ success in Bromsgrove

After a long drawn out engagement with Bromsgrove District Council, Tyler Parkes have obtained detailed planning permission for their clients, Kingswood Homes (West Midlands) Ltd., for 6 new houses on a ‘backland’ site in Marlbrook, near Bromsgrove. The site comprises an existing dwelling on Birmingham Road, together with a substantial part of its extensive rear garden and part of the adjoining rear garden. It is surrounded by existing residential development of a mixed density and character, with several cul-de-sac developments. Pre-application advice had been sought from the Council in 2015, but the response was that the proposal would conflict with the policies of the then operative 2004

Anyone for Tennis?

We are delighted to have secured planning permission for our clients, Solihull Arden Club, for a 'Padel Tennis' proposal at their long established tennis and racket sports complex in the heart of Solihull. The proposal was unanimously approved by the Planning Committee, despite objectors's concerns. Padel tennis is a sport derived from lawn tennis and has been played globally since the 1960s; it provides an exciting twist on traditional tennis and is popular in southern Spain and along the Mediterranean and is growing in popularity here, The name refers to the paddles that players use during play. Padel is typically played in doubles on an enclosed court a third the size of a tennis court.

Extra storeys soon to be PD!

Under the terms of new Permitted Development rights heralded at the Conservative Party Conference, from as early as January 2020, planning permission will no longer be required for an extra two-storeys to be added to purpose-built blocks of flats. In the future, it is anticipated that this relaxation of planning controls will be extended to allow homeowners to add an extra two-storeys to their homes without the need to seek planning permission. Watch this space for further details!

Class P consent…just in time!

One of our clients asked for planning advice in respect of a number of former farm and commercial storage buildings which sit in the Warwickshire Green Belt. At that time of our initial advice, we were aware that the Government intended to remove the temporary ‘Class P’ provision which allowed the conversion of certain Use Class B8 (Storage & Distribution) buildings into dwellings under ‘permitted development’ via a simplified Prior Approval application process. We advised our client of the need to submit the Prior Approval application to convert their storage building on the site into 3 dwellings and this needed to be done at least 56 days before the Class P rights expired in June 2019.

‘Call for Sites’ in Bromsgrove District

As part of its Local Plan Review process, Bromsgrove District Council is asking for sites to be submitted for consideration for development. The wide-ranging possible forms of ‘development’ under this process will include: - Residential - Employment - Commercial/Leisure - Community Uses - Gypsy & Traveller Site This is a great opportunity for landowners to promote their land for these various uses. The Council will need to consider if there are any technical reasons why sites may not be developed – for example in a flood risk area, and require sites that are deliverable within the plan period which goes up to the next 15 years. The deadline for forwarding such sites to the Council is



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