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All Change for ‘Pre-commencement’ Conditions!

In a recent letter, the Chief Planner has confirmed that, from 1 October 2018, planning permission may not be granted subject to a pre-commencement condition without the written agreement of the applicant - except in special circumstances set out in the relevant regulations. A pre-commencement condition is defined for this purpose as a ‘condition imposed on a grant of planning permission (other than a grant of outline planning permission) which must be complied with a) before any building or operation comprised in the development is begun, or b) where the development consists of a material change of use of any buildings or other land, before the change of use is begun’. In practice, this oft

Bromsgrove Local Plan Review Underway

Bromsgrove District Council are currently consulting on their initial ‘Issues and Options’ version of their Local Plan Review together with the methodologies for the Green Belt assessment and site selection process. The Issues and Options document does not address any specific site issues and it is very much an initial ‘ideas’ document seeking views on, for example, preferred directions of growth. Any comments on these documents will need to be submitted to the Council by 19th November 2018. If you have any land interests in Bromsgrove’s local authority area, you may wish to submit comments. We are, of course, happy to assist in this process if required. Please do not hesitate to contact o

Planning Approved for Reinstatement of Green Belt Building for Dwelling Use

We are very pleased to be able to report a recent grant of planning approval at Solihull’s Planning Committee to reinstate a former agricultural building and convert it to a dwelling. The site is located in the Green Belt. This was a very unusual case with a complex planning history. The original agricultural building had brick and timber walls and asbestos sheeting and Solihull Council agreed to a ‘Class Q’ prior-notification conversion. The council also permitted a subsequent amendment to the original Class Q to make it a wholly brick and tiled dwelling. As the council hadn’t previously asked for any structural reports, conversion works started and some of the original building was dismant

Solihull Local Plan Review Consultation Expected Winter 2018

A report to be considered on 25th September at the ‘CPH Managed Growth Decision Session’ includes a proposed revised timetable for preparation of the Solihull Local Plan Review. The proposed revised timetable is as follows: · Publication of Draft Local Plan (Supplementary Update) – Winter 2018/19 · Publication of Submission Draft (for consultation) – Summer 2019 · Submission to Secretary of State – Autumn 2019 · Examination of plan – Winter 2019/2020 · Adoption of the Local Plan Review – Spring/Summer 2020 The report states that the Winter Draft consultation will be an opportunity to seek views on additional/alternative sites that may be required to either accommodate an increase in housing

Launch of New Payment System for Planning Applications

The Planning Portal, the national planning application service, is opening a new planning application payment service, commencing Monday 10th September. From this time it will be compulsory to make planning application fee payments directly via the Planning Portal. Once the payment is made (either by the agent or the appointed payee), the application will be released to the relevant local authority together with the application fee. The service would be charged at £16.67 + VAT (£20), which would be added to the planning fee for each application submitted in order for the portal to cover their costs for providing the new service. The Planning Portal considers that the new service will ‘simpli

Appeal Success for Kendrick Homes’ Major Development

Tyler Parkes is pleased to have successfully appealed the refusal of an application for the Reserved Matters for the development of 35 dwellings on behalf of our Clients, Kendrick Homes Ltd. The 1.2 hectare appeal site is located at the south-east edge of the village of Newbold-on-Stour within Stratford-on-Avon District Council’s boundary. Outline planning permission was previously granted on appeal for a development of up to 35 dwellings on the site. The subsequent application for the remaining Reserved Matters details was refused by the Council, albeit against Officer recommendation, over concerns regarding character and appearance of the development; it’s impact upon the rural setting;



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