Carbon 103 / 207

Planning Services


​Client: BlackRock UK Property Fund / Stoford Developments Ltd.

Location: Middlemarch Business Park, Coventry

Size: 9,600m² / 19,300m²

Architecture: Webb Gray Architects

Status: Approved and constructed

Tyler Parkes, working in conjunction with the project architects Webb Gray, were delighted to obtain planning permission for their clients, BlackRock UK Property Fund and their development partner Stoford Developments Ltd., for the erection of two buildings, for Class B2/B8 use with ancillary offices, on a formerly vacant area of land within the Unipart premises at Siskin Way, Coventry, next to the airport. These separate developments are known as Carbon 103 and Carbon 207.


The sites were not specifically allocated for any land use in the Local Plan, but we advised there could be no objection in land use terms, given the location. Pre-application discussions with the Council confirmed that the key planning issues were essentially technical ones relating to highways, the need to liaise with the Airport on building heights, and the need for site/ecological investigations etc. Various issues arose but were successfully addressed, and planning permission was granted in June 2015 (Carbon 207) and December 2016 (Carbon 103).


On Carbon 207, Tyler Parkes also dealt successfully with applications to vary a condition regarding outside storage, to provide more flexibility for prospective occupiers, and the discharge of the many pre-commencement and other technical planning conditions which had been imposed on the consent, the last of which was approved in October 2017.


As of February 2018 both developments, carried out by Stoford, are complete, with good tenant interest.

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